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We’re Brigaid.


We’re trained chefs taking on a new challenge:
School lunch.

Our mission is to transform the way our students eat by bringing exceptional full-time, professionally trained Chefs to cook in school kitchens, where they will make delicious food from scratch.


We believe that students deserve real food, cooked with care and passion by a Chef dedicated full-time to their school.


We believe the Chef’s role goes beyond simply preparing school meals – Chefs should be advocates and mentors for the students and develop caring, trusting relationships with them.


We believe that through this relationship students will develop confidence in the food and be more willing to try new foods, give feedback, and will learn that eating can be a positive, communal, and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

So who are you?

Brigaid was founded by Dan Giusti, the former head chef of one of the world’s top restaurants, Noma, in Copenhagen. We’re a growing operation, but we’re dedicated to our mission: transforming the way schools serve meals to America’s schoolchildren. Brigaid helps schools rethink the design and functionality of their kitchens by recruiting and putting talented chefs in school kitchens to serve kids and communities.

What’s wrong with school meals right now?

The biggest challenge that school meals face is that the food does not taste good.


Kitchen staff are under-resourced and under-trained, which negatively impacts the experience for both staff and students.


Making this more difficult is the current federal reimbursement model of $3.18 (including labor and equipment expenses) per meal.

How will Brigaid actually make a difference?

Students deserve delicious food which is also good for them and is cooked from scratch by a full-time Chef, who is dedicated to their school.


But Brigaid isn’t just about bringing in something new. We’re dedicated to listening and working with the staff who are already there — and who know the schools, communities and students better than anyone. We’ll invest in their professional training, and forge a new kind of team that draws on the best of restaurants, schools, and more.


School Chefs creatively use the school’s resources to cook delicious meals and have the necessary skills to train and support their kitchen staff.


Most of all, we’re determined. If the model doesn’t work, we won’t quit. We’ll learn. We’ll try something new. And we’ll continue working to bring our kids the best experience possible.

How does Brigaid pick where to work?

We chose New London, Connecticut as our first pilot program. We’ll establish a proven model, and expand where (and how) our work takes us as we learn more about where our impact is biggest. We don’t know where exactly we’ll go next, but we dream big — and it could be anywhere.

Can I be a chef for Brigaid?

If you are interested in becoming a Brigaid chef, please send us your resume at

Can I become an investor in Brigaid? Can I make a grant or donation to support your mission?

Thank you for your interest. We welcome the opportunity to speak with investors and foundations about our current model and vision for Brigaid. Please contact us here